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Melita Safran

Melita Safran

Velika Gorica, Donja Lomnica


Hi! My name is Melita and I was born in musical family. My mother played the piano and my father played the viola, all Academic proffessional musicians. So I also finished Musical academy and now I'm working in Comedy theatre as a Concert master/the first violin in the orchestra.

From the other side, my grandfather Antun Mezdjic (1907 - 1981) was an Academic painter and the professor on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. For I was a little girl when he died I couldn't learn anything about painting from him and I'm so sorry about it.

I always loved drawing, my school notebooks were all full of sketches almost always horses (another of my passions). That's how I start. All the rest is practise. I love the feeling when I finished my painting or drawing, it's so fulfil with positive energy and happyness.

Feel free to comment my work for I can always learn something new from you all.


Mistical horse by Melita Safran


Arab horse by Melita Safran


Sisi by Melita Safran


Christmas star by Melita Safran


Playfull by Melita Safran


All you need is love by Melita Safran


Galloping arab horse by Melita Safran


Horse by Melita Safran


Bela by Melita Safran


Fiosa by Melita Safran


Nyx by Melita Safran



Black beauty by Melita Safran


Golden horse by Melita Safran